20,000 things under the sea with Chetana Purushotham

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For the season finale, we explore the underwater realm with wildlife biologist and ocean explorer, Chetana Purushotham. She takes us on a guided tour of coral reefs-these incredible ‘living-rocks’; plant-animal combos that support all kinds of life – lionfish, clownfish, yellow box fish… We even stop to listen to what reef fish sound like! We then float past lush sea grass meadows, slow down with nudibranchs, say hello to rays and sea cucumbers hanging out in the sand, swim through schooling fish and meet the cool creatures of the night-time seascape. Find out about unbelievable underwater partnerships and trace the origin of white beach sand back to a fish’s bum hole.
If you’ve never gone diving, think of this as your auditory first..and if you have seen some underwater sights..well, there’s gonna be more than a thing or two that you’ll find out on this episode, for shore!
OH ALSO! FISH CALENDARS. EVERYONE and their grandma needs one!
Soooo much on this episode.
Headphones. Snorkel. Dive in!

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