For Sara Mohan, this podcast marries a few things: an endless love for nature, an innate auditory attraction (and an over-excitable imagination which fuels the ability to think in sound) and the undeniable truth that (urban) people need to rediscover their connections with the natural world.

We urbanites tend to forget that we need nature, especially when the humdrum of city life drowns out everything else.  On this podcast, she finds stories from nature and makes them relevant to urban folks, living urban lives, doing urban things. Nature has unignorable links with modern living and society; we simply need to know how to find them. The incredible people we meet on this show share their stories and perspectives that are awe-inspiring and life altering. With Tigress on tuk-tuk, Sara helps us reimagine our place in the natural world.


Tigress on tuk-tuk is a journey of discovery through India’s natural realm and is dedicated to city dwellers everywhere – Nature stories for the Indian urbanite.