The Urban Wildlife Omnibus: A who’s who of city wildlife with Karthikeyan Srinivasan

How well do you know your neighbours? No, not the human kind but other (more interesting!) creatures and critters that share city space with us.
Leaf cutter bees who cut out chunks from leaves leaving behind perfectly scalloped leaf edges. Swallowtail butterflies that sashay about flower patches in busy roundabouts. Gorgeous geckos that hang out upside down on our ceilings. Bird songsters outside the windows. Wasp architects under the desk…
Naturalist, photographer, writer and educator, Karthikeyan Srinivasan tells us story after story of many, many urban creatures. Inspired by Karthik’s blog and his first-hand accounts of various lifeforms, think of this as a collection of audio stories on the many celebrity critters and bird-next-door starlets hanging out around the ‘hood.

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