Bird God Tricksters and Evolution Bribers: Bats with Rohit Chakravarty & Zareef Khan

A mammal that can fly. Like proper flap-flap bird-fly. Bats are unicorn-level phantasmal creatures with Greek god fitness levels, living amongst us! This episode is dedicated to these marvellous, under-appreciated creatures and is a full blown effort to take on the undeserving bad raps that bats have.

Dispelling myths, addressing batty Covid fears, getting into the true meaning of the term ‘batshit crazy’ and giving us logical, scientific suggestions to live considerate lives, making room for bats is a near impossible task. So we called the best man for the job – bat biologist Rohit Chakravarty who has worked with 100s of bats over the last 9 years. This episode also features Zareef Khan, a Van Gujjar from Uttarakhand and Rohit’s field assistant. He gives us incredible field stories on bats and banshees and keeps it real and relatable for regular (not-a-scientist) folks like you and me.

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