Drawing with hungry eyes: Nature Journaling with Sangeetha Kadur

You a Writer? Artist? Doodler? Ardent notetaker? Scribbler of book edges?  Post-it point-jotter? Paint brush wielder? Obsessive compulsive observer?  Part-time portrait-maker? Full time Nature lover? 
This episode is for you!

Renowned artist and nature/wildlife illustrator, Sangeetha Kadur introduces us to the world of nature journaling. How to begin, techniques and tips, what art supplies to include in your kit, how to get out of your head, into nature and onto a journal page! 

This is a very hands-on episode..so feel free to whip out your art supplies (or just pen and paper), go find a little ‘sit spot’ and let her dulcet voice guide into trying out some fun stuff.

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