How to handle snakes? Try Krav Maga! (Snakes – Part 2 with Kali, Gerry Martin and Gnaneswar)

In the second instalment of the snakes episode TOTT slithers headfirst into the Indian snake scene with 3 super guests . Sara Mohan discovers Irulas and their brain-stumping snake tracking skills. Snake venom and it’s many confounding properties. Snakebite and some scary-as-hell stats.

Gerry Martin gets into the nitty gritty of snake research – venom, behaviour; oh and also snake heartbeat (happy squeal)!

Gnaneswar brings firsthand reports on snake bite stories, peoples’ attitudes and the dizzying diversity of snakes in India.

Aaaannnd a helluva snake walk with Kali, as he magically tracks and catches snakes (almost conjuring them outta thin air) in a paddy field in suburban chennai.

Film: A survival guide to the Big 4

Snake bite related papers/articles:

Prevention is better than cure Prevention is better than Cure Snakebite Education in India

Snake Radio Telemetry:

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