We be so Jon Snow: Understanding snakes with Gerry Martin (Part 1)

Sara Mohan takes a trip to Hunsur (near Mysore, Karnataka) to meet world-renowned snake man Gerry Martin. In his cosy office, surrounded by tanks and tanks of snakes, Gerry unravels the mysterious world of serpents coil by marvellous coil.
Snake origin stories, snake lengths (sorry to break it to ya, but the length of your…SNAKE is irrelevant), venom and fangs, the BIG 4, kissing king cobras , what NOT to do around snakes and why we’d have no food if snakes were to disappear…
This is the first instalment of a two-part story on these enigmatic creatures, told in Gerry’s inimitable, no-nonsense, giggle-inducing style.

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